Meet the Beard

Jon St-Pierre


Jon was a clean shaven, mild mannered Trekky who worked away to support his loving family until one day a mysterious beer bottle scratched his hand. This irradiated bottle empowered his facial follicles to grow into a sensational beard.

After sipping some inferior beer the night before Jon stood staring into the mirror one morning. As he gazed at his glorious beard with a dreaded razor blade in hand, Jon had a light bulb moment. As he set his razor down he came up with a most ingenious plan.  A plan that not only brings his passion for beer into reality, but also ensures that his razor stays at the back of the bathroom cupboard forever.

If I can immortalize my beard I’ll never have to shave again!

Having been in the beer industry for 15 years, the best and only way he knew how to achieve a cult status beard would be to slap a picture of it on the side of a beer can. He must build a brewery and make amazing beer.

This stroke of genius meant that he could make great beer and would make his beard a footnote in history.


“With a Great Beard, Comes a Great Beer!”



Andrew Easthope


Let’s introduce him through the famous lyrics from the musical genius of Men at Work.

I come from a land down under
Where beer does flow and men chunder”

And yes, he does eat Vegemite sandwiches.

After years of reading comics, Andrew has come to the realization he has super powers. These powers encompass space, time and even some powers over metal.

  • He has an impeccable track record of being able to tell which way is up -
  • He’s always waking up just before his alarm is about to go off – TIME
  • When going into somebody’s kitchen for the first time, he can nearly always tell where the cutlery is kept – METAL

We never claimed they were big time super powers, just slight super powers. Luckily for him and us these aren’t his only skills. Andrew makes damn good beer!



Kirby Breeze-Scott


Proving the fact that you don’t need a beard to work here, this farmer’s daughter has been brewing amazing beers for quite some time. Eventually wanting to capture the flavours of the North, Kirby started growing hops on her farm. We look forward to highlighting these in our beers so you too can taste the North!

Being both a farmer and mother of 4, Kirby has real super powers.

  • She can organise a house of screaming kids.
  • Not possessing a y chromosome, she can find all missing and misplaced items.
  • The ability to wade through bulls**t on a constant basis (she calls it compost).

These skills come in handy working at Full Beard Brewing Co.



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