Jonathan "Jonny" St-Pierre

The Beard

Also nicknamed "The Delegator", you will often see Jonny running around the brewery and weekend events.  


The Brains

Also known as a Brewery Basement Dweller, but awkwardly likes to socialize, and converse while having a great beer.

Andrew Easthope


Originally from Down Unda, Andrew will likely greet you with a "G'Day Mate". 

Kirby Scott


We finally managed to sneak a picture of Kirby, hard at work of course!

five o'clock shadow 4.5% 28 IBU

A clean crisp Pale Ale with a hint of bitterness. Aimed to be an ideal restaurant/pub beer with flavours that won’t get lost while eating.

The Bearded Prospector 4.5% 28 IBU

A delicious Cream Ale that will quench your thirst. This is historical style ale that really came about during prohibition. Instead of using all barley, corn is added.

The master of beta 4.5% 58 IBU

A heavily dry hopped juicy session IPA with aromas of tropical, citruis and stone fruits.

Drop Bear 6.7% 45 ibu

A hazed umber of colour and grapefruit, this IPA has a touch of caramel on the palate finished off with a hint of grapefruit.

On the banks of the mattagami 6% 34 IBU

A rich and bold mix of malts combined to give you the perfect finish.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Eh, Eh, Eh!!! 5.5% 29 IBU

An easy drinking combo of Aussie Sparkling and Canadian Blonde this beer has a mild malt base leaving a great lacy head.

705 3.8% 18 IBU

705 is an easy drinking crushable beer for every occasion.

Twisted Whiskers- ABV and IBU vary.

Full Beard's sour line. This kettles soured beer is then hit with such things as fruits, hops, and other tasty goodies. Each brew is different.

Full Beard Brewing Swag

The Tasting room

Come check out the tasting room located at 219 Wilson Ave in Timmins.  The entire brewery operation is visible from any seat.  Ask us about hosting your private event at the brewery.  

We love events

We help out with events big and small.  Contact us about having Full Beard Brewing at your wedding, work party, large week long concert and anything in between!

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