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Full Beard Brewing Co. Guide to Beer Making

  1. While stroking our beards in a deep contemplative manner we consider what kind of brew we want to make and what awesome ingredients we will use.
  2. Once we have our idea nailed down, we stop our discussion on facial topiary techniques to fastidiously clean the equipment to ensure a great brew.
  3. Now that we’re ready we take our delicious malt and put it in the mill where it’s crushed to the perfect consistency to release all those magical flavours, colours and sugars (milling).
  4. We bearded men are thoughtful and considerate bunch and our next step is to indulge our milled grains in a long hot bath (mashing). During this time we discuss pressing matters like best beards in rock and roll, best historical beards and best beards in tv and film.
  5. The sweet liquid we take from this ‘bath’ is called the wort. This wort is transferred to our kettle where we boil it up and add delicious hops that add flavor and aroma (boiling). During this time we analyze how much we save each month by not having to buy razors and shaving cream.
  6. The wort is then chilled and transferred to our fermenters where we add the yeast. These magnificent microbes then finish off our wort and turn it in to beer. Huzzah!
  7. Our beer is then transferred to our brite tank where we condition and carbonate it.
  8. The beer is then kegged, bottled and canned and then delivered to the best customers in the world! 


Our Beer

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Head-frame Seasonal

We love this city!

We wanted to honour this city by choosing an iconic image of Timmins. After brainstorming and coming up with images of frost bitten fingers, lower back pain from shovelling snow, swarms of biting insects, inquisitive bears and of course potholes, we realized that while being a part of life up here why on earth would we highlight these negatives. This is what makes us tough northerners.

Instead we thought of the wonders of Timmins. The seemingly impenetrable bush where the birch stands like a ghost amongst the spruce, the sole jack pine sculpted by the wind, the majestic waterways sculpted over millennia, and the rock formations blanketed in lichen or rich green moss.

We then went further and thought what image tells us we’re home.

The Headframe!

Timmins was and is a mining town. We thank those earlier prospectors who founded Timmins. You came here for gold and founded our wonderful town.

We honour you Timmins by naming our seasonal beers after this icon.



Tried and Zested 

ABV 3.9%

Full Beard Brewing Co.’s Tried and Zested is a delicious Citrus Session Ale. Made with Lemon, limes, grapefruit, oranges and mandarins this low alcohol beer is an inviting session ale with strong tones of… you guessed it citrus!

With light malt and complimentary hops this beer gives off a great nose while delighting the taste buds.

As an aside, when I go home people ask about Timmins. I always joke that like England where you’ll find an image of the queen in every shop, Timmins honours its queen, Shania Twain. When I first got here I couldn’t help but notice how many places had her photo displayed.

This dedication for Shania can turn ugly, very ugly!

We apologize to anyone who has suffered through Jon’s rendition of “I Feel Like a Woman”.

It still haunts us and probably will till our dying days…





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