Drop Bear

An animal so deadly the Australian government has controlled the media to never report on attacks for fear of losing tourism dollars.

The Drop Bear is the carnivorous cousin to Koala and while somewhat similar in appearance, the nature of the two are on polar opposites. The Drop Bear’s most common form of attack is by dropping on unsuspecting prey from above. When Aussies head out into the bush we commonly put toothpaste behind the ears as Drop Bears can’t stand the smell of mint (*Vegemite is also reported to work but studies shows that this may increase attacks as all Aussies love Vegemite). Pointed hats or sticks pointed up also can reduce risk of attack.

The major problem is setting up camp at night. Spotting these creatures in the day is hard enough not to mention in low light. There is one sure fire way to know if you’re setting up under a Drop Bear and that is to lie on your back and spit in the air. If there is a Drop Bear he’ll spit back at you. Stay Safe!

ABV 6.75%

IBU 65

Full Beard Brewing Co.’s Drop Bear has enough of the good stuff to drop a black bear dead in its tracks. With an umber colour and grapefruit nose, this IPA has a touch of toffee and roasted nuts on the palate finished off with a hit of grapefruit. The creamy mouthfeel is the perfect finish leaving an incredible and memorable impression.

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