I happen to suffer from a really short attention spa- Hey look a squirrel!

One solution to keep up interest is to change things up regularly. Why not apply this same theory to beer… The Switch-A-Roo, is a SMaSH style (Single Malt and Single Hop) to really highlight the aroma and flavours of our selected hops with no big malt flavours. We’ll then Switch the hop variety for each brew.

The SMaSH is technically and APA (American Pale Ale) but can be called a half IPA, lots of hops but very little bittering. It’s in this beer that we will highlight our local hops while mixing it up with some weird and wonderful hops.

Take a journey through the world of hops with us. We can’t wait to share this great beer with y- Hey look a squirrel!

ABV 6.5%


Full Beard Brewing Co.’s Switch-A-Roo is an ever changing beer featuring the brew teams favourite hops.
We look forward exploring some of the great hops our there.