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Full Beard Brewing Co.

Our passion for brewing good beer came from years of “researching” what good beers are out there. This took a whole lot of drinking but we were up for the challenge and had miraculously spent our entire adult lifetime researching (we keep telling each other we deserve a doctorate in beer sampling but are unsure who’d bestow this honour upon us).

Our goal is to make the best beers possible. With a steady core of our regular beers and an ever changing choice of seasonal beers, Full Beard Brewing will use the best ingredients we can get our hands on. With a great team of brewers who love see where they can take beer we look forward to introducing some creative recipes that will leave you talking and wanting more.

Full Beard Brewing Co. is Timmins first craft brewery and we couldn’t be prouder to share our passion for brewing and our delicious beers with great friends and great friends-to-be.


Brewery Hours

Monday to Saturday
Tap Room Hours = 12am - 9pm
Retail Hours =12am - 10pm
Patio Hours = Coming soon
Tap Room Hours = 12am - 6pm
Retail Hours =12am - 6pm
Patio Hours = Coming soon

Full Beard Brewing Co. Guide to Beer Making

  1. While stroking our beards in a deep contemplative manner we consider what kind of brew we want to make and what awesome ingredients we will use.
  2. Once we have our idea nailed down, we stop our discussion on facial topiary techniques to fastidiously clean the equipment to ensure a great brew.
  3. Now that we’re ready we take our delicious malt and put it in the mill where it’s crushed to the perfect consistency to release all those magical flavours, colours and sugars (milling).
  4. We bearded men are thoughtful and considerate bunch and our next step is to indulge our milled grains in a long hot bath (mashing). During this time we discuss pressing matters like best beards in rock and roll, best historical beards and best beards in tv and film.
  5. The sweet liquid we take from this ‘bath’ is called the wort. This wort is transferred to our kettle where we boil it up and add delicious hops that add flavor and aroma (boiling). During this time we analyze how much we save each month by not having to buy razors and shaving cream.
  6. The wort is then chilled and transferred to our fermenters where we add the yeast. These magnificent microbes then finish off our wort and turn it in to beer. Huzzah!
  7. Our beer is then transferred to our brite tank where we condition and carbonate it.
  8. The beer is then kegged, bottled and canned and then delivered to the best customers in the world! 




New Beer!!!

Miner’s Shaft (Black IPA)

We here at Full Beard Brewing Co. are a serious bunch and would never use innuendo to sell our awesome beers.

Miner’s Shaft is big, strong, powerful beer. It’s known to bring ground shaking pleasure to those blessed enough to experience it. Those who are lucky enough to have tried it will be left begging for more. This is a beer that should see a lot more action than it’s already getting, (and just between us, it’s getting a lot of action), but let’s be honest no matter how much we’re getting it’s never enough.

Can be enjoyed by yourself, better enjoyed with that special someone and if you’re lucky with a group. Just be sure to come and tell us about it.


With hop additions every 10 minutes this beer is known here also as ‘10 minutes from now’. As in when do we have to add more hops? …

So be like us, if your significant other calls asking when you’ll be home or you have to go do some chores. Order another and say, “10 minutes from now.”

ABV 6%

IBU 70

Full Beard Brewing Co.’s Miner’s Shaft is a spicy hopped IPA. Don’t be afraid of the dark colour, this great IPA has spicy, floral notes hidden by a rich dark chocolate. This dark chocolate comes through on the palate and is complimented by a great balance of bitterness.
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